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IQ Research Journal has built a great network of partnerships with other universities, research institutes, enterprises and local governments. These partnerships activity spans numerous research related academic activities, industrial training, research and professional services. Please see below a summary of the most common partnership arrangements which the University engages in and the relevant contact details. IQRJ has established

various forms of partnerships with universities, international organizations, enterprises in 45 countries in the world. The partnerships range from Monitoring and evaluation, industrial trainings, joint research collaborations, research laboratories, libraries, research publications, professional internships, seminars, conferences etc. IQRJ has established into various forms of partnerships with the following universities which involves student exchange facilities and other international universities in which IQRJ shares a curriculum development and research partnership. IQRJ has partnerships with some Universities in the following countries; USA, UK, Finland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, China, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Guyana, Malta, Germany, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Panama, Georgia, Norway, Grenadian Island, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Chad, Central Africa, Morocco, UAE, etc. We intend to

continue creating such partnerships as we’re working with more schools industrial training centers, enterprises and research centers. This will give our students the opportunity of enjoying a global educational experience. Worthy of note is equally our ongoing process to create an internal partnership with the partner universities and organizations worldwide, for more quality assurance and training. Please contact for future partnerships.