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The Study Of Immunization Coverage Under Five Years Children In Hir-Shabelle State Of Somalia



Authors: Shueb Mohamed Nur, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title: The Study Of Immunization Coverage Under Five Years Children In Hir-Shabelle State Of Somalia

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(2): pp 01-25. Vol. 001, Issue 002, 02-2022, pp. 0763-0788
Received: 26 02, 2022; Accepted: 26 02, 2022; Published: 27 02, 2022


In Hir-shabelle state, routine immunization coverage for diphtheria- pertussis and
tetanus (DPT), Measles and poliomyelitis (Polio) in Beledweyne and Jowhar Cities for
under five children averages 50% been given polio vaccine orally. The most respondent
of child has ever been given DPT was (58%), number of the respondent of child measles
(56%) was give meals vaccine. In Beledweyne and Jowhar Cities, the coverage rate is
even lower at 50.3%. The government of Somali and In Hir-shabelle state with
collaboration with EPI partners, has committed to allocate more funds to increase
immunization coverage. In the Beledweyne and Jowhar Cities infants’ routine
immunization coverage for DPT3, Measles and Polio for children of under five years in
Beledweyne and Jowhar Cities are increasing, but rural area are very limit to reach out
EPI service due to insecurity and lack of access to UN, Somali Government, Hir-shabelle
and LNGOs. There is need therefore to describe demographic (age, sex, level of
education, religion) and socio-economic (monthly income, marital status, employment
income) characteristics and other risk factors, (mothers’ knowledge and negative
attitudes towards immunization, place of delivery, community awareness, role of mass
media, distance from the health facility) and analyze their association with
immunization coverage. Such information would highlight groups that require targeted
intervention to improve coverage.