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The Role of Private Educational Institutions in the Social Development in Somalia (case study)



Authors: Mohamud Ibrahin Abdi, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title: The Role of Private Educational Institutions in the Social Development in Somalia (case study)

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(5): pp 01-09. Vol. 001, Issue 005, 05-2022, pp. 01379-01388

Received: 20 05, 2022; Accepted: 28 05, 2022; Published: 30 05, 2022


This study aims to identify the role of Private Educational Institutions in the Social
Development in Somalia. The study used questionnaire and interview methods from
faculty deans, school principals, and other officers from privately owned educational
institutions in Somalia. A total of 250 questionnaires were distributed and safely filled
by the respondents with a response rate of 4.21. This was positive and equivalent to
the majority of the study participants. The study results indicated that private schools
play very vital role in social development in Somalia. It is revealed that private
educational institutions greatly contribute to the enrollment of students and these
institutions contribute towards educational awareness and creation of civic senses and
physical nourishment of the youth. Finally, it is found that faculty deans and other
educational administrators were satisfied with job opportunity, pay and allowances,
encouragement on the basis of good results, students’ teacher relationship, method of
appointment/induction, support for growth, professional attitude of the seniors and
owners of these institutions. The study clearly indicated that with the expenses
encountered in private education, it greatly contributed towards socio-economic
development in the country. The fundamental objectives of the study are: to identify
the contribution of Private educational Institutions towards student enrollment, to
determine the education awareness of the Private educational institutions, to evaluate
the contribution of private educational institutions towards the development of civil
sense, to examine the contribution level of private educational intuitions in the social,
economic and political development in Somalia