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The Role Of Marketing On Commercial Banks Performances



Author(s): Mohamed Garane Osman. Paper Title:
The Role Of Marketing On Commercial Banks Performances

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2024)3(03): pp 01-10. Vol. 003, Issue 03 03-2024, pp.0135-0145


The General Purpose Marketing in banking should enable target market identification, determining the
needs and desires that govern service creation and pricing, developing an effective marketing
communication plan, and bringing the service closer to customers through an appropriate distribution
network. These problems include the bank losing credibility due to customers ceasing to use their
accounts and a growing number of customers switching to other commercial banks, which could result
in the bank performing poorly financially. The bank’s subpar performance presented a risk to the
development of the banking sector to examine the role of product strategy on commercial bank
performance in Mogadishu, investigate the role of price strategy on commercial bank performance in
Mogadishu, and establish the role of promotion strategy on commercial bank performance in
The study’s target population One hundred and 100 respondents from a few private banks in
Mogadishu make up the study’s population. One hundred 100 personnel, comprising top management,
middle management, supervisors, and non-managerial staff, were the study’s accessible population.
the sampling The survey included 80 respondents from various branches of commercial banks in
Mogadishu. The primary data collection method for this study was a questionnaire.
The researcher received a letter of authorization from Kesmonds International University, KIU America
School of Business Management Science (SBMS). Following the study’s data collection, there are
multiple steps in the data analysis process, including data cleaning and explanation. Data entry,
followed by data preparation, analysis, and interpretation (steps three through four)
Findings and Conclusions The correlation analysis between the two variables and the independent
three particular objectives—price strategy, promotion strategy, and product strategy—is displayed in
Table 4.9 below. The findings indicated a favorable correlation (r =.807 and p<0.00) between marketing
and bank performance. The study also discovered that there was a positive correlation between
marketing and bank performance at (r =.909 and p<0.00), and finally, it found that there was a positive
correlation at (r =.935 and p<0.00). the dependent variable (bank performance) and the independent
variable (marketing).