IQ Research Journal-Open Access-ISSN:2790-4296

The Effect Of Term Deposits On Bank Liquidity



Authors: Oscar Ebanja Monono, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title: The Effect Of Term Deposits On Bank Liquidity
IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2023)2(2): pp 01-11. Vol. 002, Issue 02, 02-2023, pp. 0001-0011


The main objective of the study was to investigate the effect of term deposits on the Liquidity of Mitayen cooperatives credit union Cameroon. The study was quantitative and qualitative in nature. Data was collected through primary and secondary data. The sample size was made up of 80 respondents that were randomly selected from the financial institution. The primary data was collected using close-ended questionnaires with the main objective being structured in the questionnaires. The study made use of descriptive statistics to present data. The data were analyzed using correlation analysis and the use of alpha coefficient of 0.05 to test the significant relationship. It was discovered that term deposits have a negative effect on the liquidity of the financial
institution. The alternate hypothesis was rejected while the null hypothesis was accepted. It was recommended that the management of the financial institution diversify investments into the stock market in order to raise sustainable liquidity for its operations.