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The effect of micro-nutrients deficiencies on pregnant and lactation women at Galkacyo district, Mudug- Somalia



Authors Name: Abdirahman Ali Farah, Atanga Desmond Fuwnei. Paper Title The effect of micro-nutrients deficiencies onĀ pregnant and lactation women at Galkacyo district, Mudug-Somalia

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(1): pp 01-07. Vol. 001, Issue 001, 01-2022, pp. 0419-0426
Received: 01 12, 2021; Accepted: 20 01, 2022; Published: 27 01, 2022


Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals required by your body. Unlike macronutrients, you only need minuscule amounts of micronutrients to maintain good health. Micronutrients are essential to the production of enzymes, hormones, proteins, and other products created by your body. Some micronutrients have a specialized role, while others fulfill a broad range of functions. Micronutrients are incredibly important for health and wellness. Mineral deficiencies can have lasting, detrimental health consequences in children and adults of all ages.The main objective is to identify the effect of micronutrient deficiencies among pregnant and lactating women inWadajir district-Mogadishu. The study was a quantitative research. The researcher used Descriptive survey design. A is an attempt to collect data fromthe effect of micro-nutrients deficiencies on pregnant and lactation women to determine the current status of with respect to one or more variables. A data collection tool is an instrument that is used as a questionnaire a self-administered questionnaire was used for nurses and an interview schedule was used for pregnant and lactation women An interview schedule is an instrument interview schedule consisted of questions in which the wording of both the questions and response alternatives was predetermined Data analysis: The researcher used statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) program to analyze data. After the data was collected, it was keyed into the computer using the statistical package for the social sciences SPSS 20 version this will be done after assigning codes to the questionnaire. Addressing nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women is now entrenched within the Sustainable Development Goals. The study Recommended Mothers need instructions in preparing infant food from main family ingredients to make it soft, palatable and nutritionally balanced. Infant food can also be prepared at cottage level to make it more affordable. Should encourage mothers who are public servant for breastfeeding and should give enabling environment to breastfeed her child even in the working environment.