IQ Research Journal-Open Access-ISSN:2790-4296

The Effect Of Differed Taxes On Corporate Net Earnings



Authors: Ngu Kanti Hedris, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title:
The Effect Of Differed Taxes On Corporate Net Earnings.

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2023)2(9): pp 01-15. Vol. 002, Issue 09 09-2023, pp.0565-0580


This article focuses on advance income tax for corporations.
Income tax is an area in financial modeling where people often struggle. One of the problems is that companies will only show one line for total tax on their income statement. If we look at most income statements towards the bottom, the problem is that we often only see total tax on the income statement. While it may be acceptable for companies to only show total tax on their reported financials, we’re going to need to break out the current tax and the deferred tax. The significance of the model was to illustrate why governments in many jurisdictions allow for loss carry forwards and some sort of tax depreciation