IQ Research Journal-Open Access-ISSN:2790-4296

Scabies Skin Infection in Mudug region Galkaio Central Somalia



Authors: Ndjengue Louis Sides1,2,3, Ndombi Daniella1 ,Sah Faha Victorien2,3,4, Atangana Bertin M A2,3,5, Mvogo Guy D 2,3,4, Bouassa Natacha1, Luthi Alexandra1, Atama julliette1, Voubou Anselme1, Pambou Tat 1,6, Sellou Hafida1, Bennjakhoukh Basma1, Djoba Joel Fleury 1,7. Paper Title: Incidence Of Covid-19 In African, European, American And Asian Ethnic Groups Residing In Port Gentil, Gabon Between April 2021 And March 2022
IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(10): pp 01-13. Vol. 001, Issue 010, 10-2022, pp. 01826-01839


Scabies is known to be a highly contagious skin infection caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis which burrow into the skin. Scabies is one of the three most common skin diseases that always affect children besides pyoderma and tinea. In addition, scabies are more often seen in crowded district with low standard of living and unhygienic condition. Scabies can spread through direct or indirect skin contact. We presented a 11 year old girl with chief complaint of intense body itchiness between the fingers, wrist, palm, armpit, back and chest. The general examination was within normal limits with optimal vital measures. On dermatological examination, found erythematous papules, round shaped with a well defined border, discrete presentation and distributed bilaterally. Microscopic examination was not done as 3 over 4 cardinal signs were found in this patient to establish the diagnosis. The patient was prescribed with Scabimite lotion to apply once a day and Interhistin tablets two times a day. For non- pharmacological treatment, patient was advised to take care of her personal and surrounding hygiene. Her family members were also advised to undergo the same medication as a preventive measure. The prognosis was good.