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Invaluable Ways Health Care Administrators / Managers Impact Lives In Low Income Countries.



Authors: Didier Kheambo. Paper Title: Invaluable Ways Health Care Administrators / Managers Impact Lives In Low Income Countries.

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(2): pp 01-06. Vol. 001, Issue 002, 02-2022, pp. 0689-0695
Received: 26 02, 2022; Accepted: 26 02, 2022; Published: 27 02, 2022


Health care administrators are the pillars of all health care organizations. According to a health foundation agency, “successes or failure of health care institutions usually weighs on shoulders of health care administrators or managers” [8]. This article outlined the important role of health care administrators within hospital settings and the impact of their actions on the population being served. Workload of the entire health industry is carried by the health care administrators. They exercise their duties through many ways:
Daily administrative service, Advocacy, Planning, – Organizing, – Leading and controlling, – decision making, Community partnership, Coordination with health insurers and social services etc…
In low income countries, where universal health coverage is rare, they are called to manage poor underprivileged patients who usually arrived the health unit late and also lack finances to pay their bills. With their empathic skills they have to help them go through easily with the help of the social services.