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Entrepreneurial Competency Of Technology Incubation Centres Graduates In Nigeria



Author(s): Solomon E. Esomu. Paper Title:

Entrepreneurial Competency Of Technology Incubation Centres Graduates In Nigeria
IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2024)3(02): pp 01-09. Vol. 003, Issue 02 02-2024, pp.013-022


Purpose: The study was intended to evaluate the entrepreneurial competencies of graduates of technology incubation centers in Nigeria. Since entrepreneurial competencies are a collection of skills, the study focuses on financial management and social capital. Possession of these components translates to business success.
Methodology: adopting a cross-sectional design, the study involved 127 graduates of the incubation centers as respondents. The sampling technique used was probability sampling with proportional random sampling, which is distributed proportionally to two centers in Lagos State. The instrument was an adapted
questionnaire. The instrument was subjected to a validity and reliability test, and the result was reliable. Data analysis used SPSS software as a statistical tool to describe
respondents’ profiles and descriptive analysis.
Findings: The findings revealed a low to moderate level of entrepreneurial competencies among the graduates. The findings showed that the level of entrepreneurial competencies was moderate for competency and high for other
variables of competency.
Originality and Value: In terms of originality, this paper extends the resource-based view and enriches the existing entrepreneurship literature in Nigeria. It provides useful insights into how graduates of technological incubation centers can be retrained to excel entrepreneurially. The government, development groups, and the incubation center should focus on helping the mentees in the centers learn how to be entrepreneurs, how to manage money, and how to build social capital.