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Barriers Of Full Immunization Coverage Among Under Five Year Children In Beledwein District , Somalia.



Authors Mohamed Abdulle Osman, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title Barriers Of Full Immunization Coverage Among UnderĀ Five Year Children In Beledwein District , Somalia.

IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2022)1(1): pp 01-015. Vol. 001, Issue 001, 01-2022, pp. 0258-0273

Received: 01 12, 2021; Accepted: 20 01, 2022; Published: 27 01, 2022


The aim of this study is to investigate the General objective of this study to investigate the assessment of barriers for immunization in children under five years in Beledwein district. This study will be considered in Beledwein district, Somalia. their population is more than other people living in Hiraan Region. In fact, schooling is a considered to be a one of the most important levels for increasing the population living in Beledwein Somalia. The target population for this study was consist of all Health workers and parents in all parts of the society and doctors Beledwein district, Somalia. the total number of the target population is 85 respondents. The accessible population will be four MCH and three villages including 15 Docters , 38 community , 10 minister of Health and 22 health workers or nurses . Major of findings: that are consist of three parts of dimension first the impact of culture on immunization, while secondly is lack of knowledge while thirdly financial on immunization. the research found that the percent of index of question of objective one (80.0%) which indicate good level, the questions about objective two (60.0, while thirdly while the effect of financial on immunization in children under 5 years on average (89.2%) that we asked the barrier of vaccination
also agree that they are possibilities the immunization and that following teams mates working for a particular process may be succeed out if process gets out scored . in the present index (61.4%) on the other hand the researcher found that the strong positive significance the relationship between the immunization and children under 5 years, further suggest recommendation by study including: Mothers and care givers should give awareness to reduce disease from without immunization in the children.