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Advanced Retinoblastoma, The Case Of A 2-Year-Old Child Received In SOHDECAM Eye Clinic Bamenda. Clinical Approach And Recommendations.



Author(s): Didier Kheambo, Atanga Desmond Funwie. Paper Title:

Advanced Retinoblastoma, The Case Of A 2-Year-Old Child Received In Sohdecam Eye Clinic Bamenda. Clinical Approach And


IQ Research Journal of IQ res. j. (2024)3(01): pp 01-06. Vol. 003, Issue 01 01-2024, pp.001-006


Retinoblastoma is 1 in 20.000 live births, with an annual incidence of 10–14 per million under 5 years of age [1]. This report aims to study the case of a 2-year-old child with advanced exophthalmic retinoblastoma who visited the SOHDECAM Eye Clinic in November 2023. The mother of the child refused the proposed treatment two years ago from the ophthalmic staff and recently from a duo of pediatric ophthalmologists and oncologists and decided to follow traditional medicine despite
all the advice.
Counseling services need to review their comforting strategy and question their behavioral management techniques to overcome resistance. Furthermore, agencies should be created at the district health level to address the worries of ophthalmic staff when a parent’s decision carries a serious risk to the child. This agency shall work with the law courts to give the go-ahead to the ophthalmic staff in such unfortunate situations. Out-of-pocket was the payment method for health services rendered to patients in Cameroon. The advent of Universal Health Coverage in early
2023 will facilitate the process of eye treatment when such a situation occurs and for parents with financial constraints.